January 23, 2013

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Welcome to the Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation website!
New look. New name. New commitment.

As we came to the end of Domestic Violence Awareness Month; a bit overshadowed and overlooked in the political circus; it seems appropriate that we at Rising Phoenix throw open our doors and get to work.

For several years, as GALS Charitable Foundation,  we have dedicated our fundraising efforts to our anchor charity, The Shade Three Shelter and Noah’s Animal House in Las Vegas, and our international anchor Angels of East Africa.  With renewed focus and a defined plan of action we hope to increase our financial support of both and entities dedicated to families affected by domestic violence.

In September the Board of Directors met to set out goals for the future:

  • Develop relationships with corporate sponsors in order to ensure the generosity of our membership and friends remains dedicated to the causes we support.
  • Continued and greater support of TST and other shelters, encouraging and educating other shelters of the TST model of protecting victims of domestic violence including children and pets national-wide.
  • Continued and greater support for AOEA, rescuing children orphaned by poverty and war.
  • Support education of young men and women for domestic violence recognition and prevention.
  • Support education for victims on assistance services and recovery programs.
We also set out more defined roles for the BOD, initiating a rotation of voting Board members and creating a structure for fundraising, marketing and event planning.As we launch the new website, logo and action plan, we are preparing for our annual Gala in June 2013.  We are excited about the developments and will post announcements of dates, themes and special guests as soon as we have everything in place.
Domestic Violence Awareness and prevention isn’t just something we do for a month, it is our calling.
Please keep Rising Phoenix in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this wonderful new mission.