The Goal of Rising Phoenix is to raise awareness and to provide the financial stability to our anchor charity – The Shade Tree.  Our vision is to replicate this type of facility and program on a national basis, providing a place of refuge & education to all victims.  Allowing them to re-enter society with the tools and support that they need to rise out of the ashes and find peace and success.

The Shade Tree is not a shelter. It is a place that families and their pets can call home for an extended period of time but it is contingent upon the women and children participating in programs to educate & rebuild their confidence and comfort in society and as a family.

The Women are afforded:

  • Support Groups & Education for adult survivors of domestic violence. The groups cover topics  including, post-traumatic stress, why men batter, how to identify a batterer, how does it impact you and your children, effective parenting, why victims don’t leave, animal abuse and its relation to domestic abuse, planning, community outreach, victim rights, protective orders & the legal system, how to re-enter the work-place, career building etc.

The Children are afforded:

  • Support Groups & Education. The focus is dealing with the feelings of domestic violence, how to  express feelings in a positive manner, how to resolve conflict through words not action, blame resolution, animal care and compassion.